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degrees in york. 75 frederick. 72 culpepper and win chester. the temperatures will heat up throughout the day. we will throw in humidity as well. looking at the upper 60s baltimore to dc. 70s in frederick and also win chester. soupy outside. we are feeling it. this is the air that you wear, we will be wearing it all day long. satellite and radar, not a lot. not a lot of cloud cover this morning, things could change in to the afternoon as we have a cold front that will get closer to us, that could help with showers and thunderstorms and the heating of the day will aid in the pop up thunderstorms as well. we have high pressure to the south of us now, that's bringing in the southwesterly flow we are feeling, that's a warm moist flow. future trend on the fact we have the chance for showers and storms as we go in to the rush hour this evening. rush hour, not bad in terms of the weather, as we go in to the afternoon that could change. we look at the forecast as we head through the next several days and drying out a bit. tomorrow less humid. hour by hour forecast, 94 is what i'm going with.
this minute." ♪ >>> a lot of fireworks displays today, but some folks in chester, west virginia recently got a bit of an impromptu fireworks celebration. look at this. yeah. that's a fireworks stand. a fireworks tent. >> oh, no. >> exploding outside of shorty's place, a bar and grill in chester, west virginia. the whole thing went up. some sort of accident went down. all the fireworks lit. this thing lasted a half hour from 10:00 p.m. to 10:30 these fireworks were going off. >> the people on the road, did they roll down their windows, just enjoy the show? >> actually, yeah. the guy who shot this, david mchenry, he was taking his girlfriend out for the night. on the way out they saw the workers setting up the stand. on the way home they saw this. >> the fireworks stand was set up today. >> people on the road seemed to be concerned about shorty's place. >> that ain't shorties, is it? >> no, it's a fireworks stand in front of it. >> geez, thank god. >> whew. >> fortunately nobody got hurt. one fire work did hit a police car. >> that hit that car. >> after this police investigated the accident.
the bay. kent county seeing a tremendous amount of lightning. chester town, you look toward the north a tremendous amount of lighting in. annapolis, a tremendous lightning show. this is crossing over into the bay. special marine warnings, avoid any kind of activity along the bay for at least two to three hours as these are slow moving storms. so stevensville, 6:02. queens town at 6:29. this cell moves over the bay heading toward queen anne's county and kent county. temperatures falling well into the 70s and 80s out toward the west. we're going to detail a much drier forecast coming up in just a bit. >>> it's one of the biggest farmers market in the baltimore area bring thousands there every sunday. forget about the fresh prow. many go for the specialty cooked meals at the market. the food is fresh, but is it safe. abc2's joce sterman has the answer. >> reporter: not all the faithful flock to church on a sunday morning. instead, some find true religion in nature found tucked in beneath the baltimore bridge. >> we've got tilapia. >> reporter: the message preached here is freshness. they
chester town and that was some wild storms moving through the bay last night. could see a repeat performance but nothing going on this morning. beautiful morning out there. temperatures are into the 70s and take you to the board. 76 downtown right now. a few 70s down along the eastern shore in fact dover is checking in at 75 and 77 in salisbury. cooler and nice in york look at that. 72 degrees. bel air we go. right now it's 74 degrees. and we have a couple of clouds across the area right now. still have this boundary this stationary boundary that could trigger a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon separating the cold -- cool air to the north rather and warmer air down to the south. 92 degrees that's the two degree guarantee. more about the weekend forecast in just a bit. lauren cook is in the traffic center. good morning speed racer. >>> a car crashed into the woods in anne arundel county right along the southbound lanes of route 295 at route 100. if you are headed into downtown baltimore, that massive water main break still causing big problems on light street. it will be clos
. powerlines are down and as we head towards chester town, both toppled with wind 70 miles an hour from michael. just impressive pictures. send those pictures to facebook. here's what's going on guys. we're kind of sandwiched between two weather events. dallas warning in norfolk and virginia beach. this is going to be a dangerous storm event from detroit back  towards cincinnati and columbus. does it make into the baltimore viewing area? once again, we'll answer that coming up. >>> millions are frustrated. we know you had it up to here with sweating. abc 2 news cheryl connor with a family. >> reporter: there's no cleaning up the storm at the brian house in edgewater. an accident that police say can only be blamed on matter nature took their son kevin life. >> you would have never thought you driving down the road a tree falls on you and kill you. >> reporter: parts of 25-year- old kevin o'brien car is mixed with tree that is in pieces. families stopping by the scene trying to comprehend the freak accident. brian was driving two friends around 11:30 friday night when this tree crushed his ve
. airport officials say the boy managed to fly fromman chester -- from manchester, england, to rome without a boarding pass or security pass. several members of the ground staff have been suspended. >>> a just-released industry owe is reigniting a debate over afterty at seaworld in san diego. the disturbing tape reveals a whale attacking its trainer during a performance six years ago. >> reporter: when ken peters dove into the water, he was ready for the if ially of -- theyally of the show. >> it must have been terrifying. >> reporter: david kirby wrote a death at sea world. he believes the whale was agitate bid the cries of her northeastern cast. >> imagine you're a mother, and your child is calling for you and you're not allowed to call your child. it might make you angry. we see her pull ken down to the bottom, and then she brings him back up, and you think thank god, she's not going to kill him, and he's trying to remain calm. you don't know what's going to happen next, and then she decides to go back down. >> when peters managed to free his foot, he swam for safety. peters, now with a
. she wanted to go back to our home in west chester county. i wanted her to stay. we were having big discussions about that to put it mildly about i wanted her to stay with me because i wanted her there with the kids and she wanted to go back because she never saw me and the kids never saw me. so we were having these discussions. and then comes august of 1974, shows my mind-set. i am now passed the votes, the key votes in the house, in effect, the articles of impeachment have been approved. my focusing on as i have been all along how do we try this case? how do we try this first case in the senate. the first trial in the senate in 100 or so years. who do we call as witnesses? what exhibits do we use? how do we use the tapes. i'm trying to figure it all out. some people are helping me but not a lot of help. not a lot of people on staff who tried a lot of case and none of us tried a case in the senate. as an aside, i'll get back to this, jim st. clair at one session of the committee when he was there he said to me you know, you and i are learning obsolete skills. i said what are you ta
:00. be prepared for that. we look at areas here shaded in the pinkish color, chester, and pennsylvania, we are looking at excessive warning for them until 9:00 this evening. we are looking at a very hot day on tap. this is going to continue for the next several days. dry right now, we have change in the forecast. i will talk about that coming up. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. >>> good morning, we have trouble in howard county, there is a crash along interstate 70 at the patapsco river bridge. watchout for that. if you are headed to 95s no concerns on the south side, south towards dc or north, tunnels. a live look at the northeast corridor of 95. everything up to speed in to the city. if u headed to 695, this is parkville, harford, 11 minutes from 95 to 83. inner loop nice and clear. that is a look at time saver traffic. >>> 74 degrees, an update on the shooting we brought you as breaking news this morning. three people were shot, it happened in north baltimore. linda so is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: we are waiting to get
that. great. >> man. this man is a registered sex offender. he was living on chester river drive in graysonville but he may have been staying friends some blue field virginia. warrant has been issued for his arrest for failing to alert the sheriff that he moved he is scheduled to report coming up in september. >> tonight special attacks in ocean city. police have a warning for women. don harrison at the beach what's been happening in the resort town. >> it's like a party place. >> reporter: that's why a lot of people come to vacation. a resort feel with a boardwalk and beach and restaurants. you still have to be careful. >> over the course of the past, approximately the past month we have experienced three attempted sexual assaults. >> reporter: jessica waters believes they someone is targeting young females who are finishing up a night of partying. >> walking in poorly lit areas, he approached them, made a conversation and attempted to assault them it. >> reporter: on each occasion they were able to fight back and get away. police suggest that you always have abelian before
and wind chester around 70. so look at the moisture content. it's up there this morning and will drop a little bit. that 71 will feel more like about 68, 65 as we go into the afternoon. so we are going to feel it. but it's not going to be as bad. you see my air quotes right there. relative everything is relative but again we are going to be dealing with the humidity out there. that's the bottom line. satellite and radar looks like clouds coming in right now. but we will have the sun cloud mix going throughout the day just like we have been. high pressure in control of our weather. and with this, we are going to get the heat and humidity pumped in from the gulf of mexico and we have a cold front slicing through the area looking ahead to wednesday. and also thursday. that cold front slides through and with that that's when we will have a chance for few gusty storms as we go through the next couple days. future trend not picking up on a lot for today but mainly heat and humidity and we can see the temperature coming in around 98 and that 7-day forecast if you like the cooler temperatures
:30. this storm is moving slowly toward the east at 15 miles an hour. let's take you closer. from chester river to queens town this is where we have the special marine warning. this storm is move sog slowly and it's producing a recommend men dust cloud to ground lightning. we've seen 1500 bolts per 15 minutes. that's tremendous. you're seeing a tremendous amount of rain. the good news, this has pushed away from parts of annapolis, seeing a couple of scattered showers. it's quite the lightning show. let's switch source. i want to go to kent island. this is prior to the huge gust front. this is what dropped temperatures in some cases 20 degrees. look how the winds churn up the bay. this was very strong storm that ran right along the bay bridge. another shot, look at annapolis. look at this cloud rolling through. we lose all the visibility. again, by the way, that's another reason why the special marine warnings will be in effect. amazing pictures on the weather bug camera. 76 in town. off 104 degrees today, what an impresssive afternoon. that's a 20-degree swing in temperatures. salisbury, you ha
-bthat h?2ç;xd heavy @rain already crossing towards chester town. mthg remember when the storms passed, these storms several hours of run off from these storms. high hood midty :ye/fueling the storms. 6[nseveral more hours and run off )çynafterward. remember, check out the storm shield app zyj)because those warnings come in even if it's 2c or 3:00 in the h> the storms have rolled through. knocked cxs@thfw>i÷nfout power charlie is out there live, tonight. >> reporter: another round of now. ÷ rain continuing to fall. causing tie ups on the roadway. also those power outages you mentioned, pge had 9200 without power. from severe weather (÷,gz÷xrear? ugly v[lçhead. yzad?aocshortly after 6:00 zyj opened up on ;Ñ5uus once again. heavy downpours and ybhigh wind closures throughout much of downtown baltimore harbor east and bells point. then it turned into a river, i÷f and bells point. then it turned into a river, i÷f too much y-uf)í?ñfy+,páerfalliy fast. at the hilton, got a big ;p+ surprise when the water was too (m7axw" to cle
chester, above that in culpepper, 72 for a dew point. here is that weather pattern for you, we have high pressure in control of the weather. it is pumping in the southwest flow. heat and humidity we will see and feel this morning and this afternoon. the cold front will traverse the area. stall out around the carolinas, that will keep us with a chance for showers and thunderstorms through the rest of the week. all in all, very hot for today, make sure if you are going to be doing outdoor activities make, after practice after noons make sure the kids are well hydrated for that. as we look at your future trend, it's going to pick up on the showers and storms possible, as we go to rush hour, 5:00 or 6:00, that could be popping off. scattered in nature. not everybody will be getting wet. the trend looks better in to too many. we will dry out and less humidity that will be courtesy of the cold front. in the meantime, hour by hour forecast, keeps it hot and humid outside, as you head out and about, remember that and take precaution, slather on the sunscreen. you have your sun shades and do ligh
chester. decent amount of fog, look at the low clouds during the course of the afternoon, few spot showers mount airy and all of carol and baltimore county. 73 degrees in town. 77 dc. eastern show numbers between 72- 77. we saw a peak of sunshine, there is our dew point values, that measures is amount of moisture in the atmosphere, that's running high. a slight muggy feel to the air out there. the amount of moisture out this, if we get a thunderstorm, could produce flash flooding. the weather service put out flash flood watch, we are watching the radar, watching the potential, maybe flash flooding during the course of the evening. clouds out theres that's the theme to the forecast. we are going to watch a few passing showers. showers in the foe, through 11:00, temperature and 69 degrees. we will wake up to the clouds and showers across the area. maybe a spot downpour, temperature going to 69. partial clearing during the course of the afternoon tomorrow. that should allow the temperatures to get in to the lower 80s. maryland's most powerful radar, showers and storms starting to fire up, abo
showers out there we are watching back out to the west of us and want to show you radar. won chester, this is headed in your direction and as the showers move in, you might expect brief, heavy rain, and we'll another line for later on this evening. the full forecast is coming your way. >>> and coming up, the nationals begin one of their most important series of the season. plus, the british open is underway and look who is on the prowl? we'll show you highlights with tiger woods as the news edge at 6:00 continues. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> a new poll out tonight finds no clear favorite among mayoral hopefuls. the survey comes as the majority of d.c. residents say ma
to west chester, the posh end. which is two completely different worlds. >> yeah, it is. >> how did unfortunate when you were in the transit for three hours? you're going from one place to somewhere completely different. >> yeah. i'm glad i got to train in westchester. the bronx is my home, it's where i live. i feel comfortable. >> what are some good things about the bronx. it gets a bad rap. what are the good parts of you that you think come from being a bronx guy? >> look at my parents. they crazed -- raised me to be the man i am now. it's not so bad. my neighborhood is by the bronx river by the water. i can see manhattan across the river actually. it's only as bad as you make it ute to be. and going from there to west chester is a lot different. people are different, but i saw them all as people. i treat everyone with respect, treat everyone the same. >> did you get into fights as a kid in the bronx? did everyone have to fight? >> no. it's not a boxing match every time you walk out of your house. but we did -- it was a sad day. we were actually coming from my brother's confirmati
parts of new york, to west chester, the posh end. which is two completely different worlds. >> yeah, it is. >> how did you feel when you were in the traps it, like i say, for three hours? you're going from one place to somewhere completely different. >> yeah. i'm glad i got to train in westchester. and going back to the bronx, it's my home. it's where i live. i feel comfortable. >> what are some good things about the bronx? >> good things? >> it gets a bad rap. what are the good parts of you that you think come from being a bronx guy? >> i mean, look at my parents. they raised me to be the man that i am now. people like that in the bronx, can't be that bad, right? it's not so bad. my neighborhood is by the bronx river by the water. i can see manhattan across the river actually. and, i mean, it's only as bad as you make it out to be. and going from there to west chester is a lot different. people are different, but i saw them all as people. it's all the same to me. i treat everyone with respect, i treat everyone the same. >> did you get into fights as a kid in the bronx? >> did every
around 95 degrees. wip chester 96. manassas in the upper 90s. warrenton close to a hundred degrees. culpeper getting to 100. in downtown close to a hundred as well. annapolis upper 90s. pax river 97. easton and cambridge, you're also going to be heating up to near 90s. code yellow for the next few days because of the heat and storm potential. today getting up to # 9 degrees. wednesday upper 90s. a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. some could be strong. thursday also still unsettled and probably will see more clouds on thursday. but not as hot. temperatures around 90 degrees. check out your next seven days. this heat wave only lasts for a couple of days today and tomorrow. then by the weekend looks much more comfortable. temperatures in the mid-80s. by friday -- by saturday with only a chance for a shower. sunday looks really nice, high around 87. then on monday temperatures in the lower 90s with maybe a chance for an isolated storm. by the way today the nats are playing. it's going to be a hot and steamy one for baseball. make sure you bring your sunglasses a nice hat to
, temperatures in baltimore at 75 degrees. 81 in dc and 67 in york and 70 in haikerstown and wind chester. so -- hagerstown and winchester. the story is the moisture. we can see the dew points in the 70 in baltimore. 71 there. we are looking at upper 60s in dc and culpepper around 70. 66 for a dew point in hagerstown and once we get to the 70s, the upper 60s. that's when we are dealing with something that we can feel out there something that's on the miserable side. satellite and radar picking up on clouds trying to stream in from the north to the south. but, we still have getting sunshine as well. it's going to turn out to be a nice day to look at i must say so you want to look at it. look at this in laurel. a beautiful sunrise and dawn morning as we see some sun and clouds mixing in. and that's the scenario heading into urbana. a beautiful sky and sprinklers are on watering the lawn trying to get the lawns green because we have not seen any type of rainfall that we need. but, speaking of the rain let's look at cold front right here back off towards the west. because that approaches us and g
, not falling back into the cool range. 81 at dulles; 73 in martinsburg; 77, win chester and better and i am using that hisitance to that north and west. looking at the satellite radar after the heat advisory and that is in effect this morning at 11 temperature, we have an excess of heat watch and that is the graduated version of the heat advise or. tomorrow, looks like our hot index temperatures, believe it or not, could touch 105 to 110. tomorrow is the worst and today is not the pleasant day weather with temperatures expected to be about 100, of course, with that humidity like yesterday. a few clouds to start your day and there you go. can you so them pushing to the south and not expecting much in the way of shower and the thunderstorm activity today and this is an unstable air mass and wouldn't take a lot to triggary few terms -- thunderstorms and that is a potential out there and a better chance on sunday with the cold front coming through. during the afternoon, some storms could be on the strong side. you have the weekend plans and kind of put that in the back of the head there. by sun
visibility this morning. so, if your travels are take you off into wind chester and culpepper we see four miles there easton along the eastern shore going downhill this morning. and salisbury more. 7 miles of reduced visibility. humid again today and oppressive outside. that's what it feels like going through the rest of today. the temperature in baltimore coming in at 70. more of the same in easton. york, frederick and 71 degrees right now in hagerstown. future trend picking up on that coastal system i was talking about keeping it off away from us. but again going to keep the eyes peeled for that. by tomorrow, we still have the chance for scattered showers in the forecast. and that chance will continue basically as we head through the rest of the week. but hour by hour for today walking you through the day we will be humid and warm. warm not hot and that's a good thing. will 6 -- 86 is what i am going with for today and the 7-day forecast takes the warm weather out as we head into thursday. and we will turn hot keeping the chance for showers in here as we go through the next several days
in the next five minutes or so around delaware and chester town. that's the strongest we could find in the area. d.c. had it. light showers off to the east. to the northwest of us, we have a wait a little while longer, probably until 8:00 or 9:00. more thunderstorm activity in the area later tonight. despite warnings, we still have a watch until 9:00 and a little bit earlier than that, however, the warnings continue through portions of the central and upper eastern shore until 6:30 to 7:00 with the storms moving in the region. tim with the crazy temperatures today. tim? >> crazy indeed. you talk abouted the temperature coming in, last reported with b.w.i. marshal. 70s in cumberland and hagerstown, these were all in the 90s until the rain moved through and the rain now starletted to cool things down. the rain has not touched the river and ocean city yet but the heat index is very hot as a result. keep in mind that the heat index is 86. the record was 102 today. we topped out as 104 today. we blew that away. at 2:22 to be exact, the heat index was around 107. the severe thunderstorms
the friday the 13th with a bell-ringing ceremony who honors sara win chester, who had an obsession with the home of 13. the home has 13 command leers, 13 bathrooms, some windows have 13 panes of glass. the bell will be rung 13 times at 1:00. 1300 hours. >> i'm sensing a theme. a thread. >>> yes. we veal the latest for you on the two-alarm house fire. okay, round 2. josh, you're up. what do you got? check it out. your mama is so stupid, she thinks an imac is a new hamburger at mcdonald's. boo. (frank) okay, not bad. okay, okay, i got one. i got one. what's the difference between your mama and a washing machine? it doesn't follow me around for a week. lemon, could i speak with you alone for a moment? that's what your sister asked me last night. booyah! uh, right this way. uh, my friend gerhard hapsburg is throwing a birthday party for himself at the pierre tonight. oh, and you want me to think of something funny that you can write in the card? no. i want you to come with me. oh. who's gerhard hapsburg?
-door neighbor take care of your kids and maybe this would be a good family and that chester the molester will not be a resident of that household. it's a crapshoot, as you said. you could do as i did for so many years before i found this day care that finally told me that i was going to hit the cliff and i sent my kids down to the corner to a babysitter who sat my kids in front of a television with a stick, and if they moved she'd hit them and beat them. so much so that my daughter who is now 42 refused to take her brothers down there again. you know, or, you can just hang a key around your kid's neck and your 8-year-old or 6-year-old kid and tell them to stay in the house, don't open the door, fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and hope that you're lucky enough that nothing will happen to them while you're gone. those are the options that i know plenty of people who have resorted to those options. that's what happens. it's not that you're sitting there calculating the implicit marginal tax rate. you're just trying to figure out, if you have to work, and it's not -- if you don't work
but chester town on the shore at 86. columbia, 88. a little cooler on the coast. nice on the beach at ocean city. 72 in oakland. sixties in the suburbs and 70 downtown. a nice summer evening around the baltimore area. that is what we can expect tomorrow because this front has stalled to the south. working on a holding pattern here and we will see tomorrow what we saw today, partly cloudy skies and there might be a thunderstorm popping up at light winds on the day with temperatures in the low 80s. the mountains have the best chances for storms. around deep creek lake, highs in the '70s warmer and humid with temperatures in the upper 80s and nice beach weather, partly cloudy and warm temperatures. the surface temperature is warming up a little bit. upper 80s around baltimore and 90 for the weekend with hit and miss afternoon storms. it might get hot around here again on tuesday with a high of 92. >> if you are a direct tv customer and will cut to fewer channels today, you are not alone. 20 million subscribers were dealing with a blackout and here is why. the satellite tv provider and viacom d
in washington. 70 in baltimore. 70 in one chester. so temperatures, if you are in the mountained or down to the ocean, ocean city, 65. not terribly uncomfortable. satellite-radar, we have a couple of showers breaking out into portions of northern virginia and southern maryland. you can see those. that is the leading edge of the more humid air. the higher dew points, the higher humidity will start to move back in. i think you will notice the water in the atmosphere on the increase. there is your high temperatures. mid-90s again today. 95 in washington. 92 in hagerstown. it will be hot. gee, it is. people needing lots of water and a lot of patience on the roads, julie wright. >> still a lot of signals that are dark causing problems. my trip into work, lights are still dark. we are seeing more of them turned back on but, in some cases, even though they have power, they're not syncing correctly. so that becomes another issue. proceed with caution and allow extra time on the road. the hov restrictions have been lifted for those traveling on 66 inside the beltway and on 270. all lanes are open
the chester town area. heavy rain is being produced by that and maybe some winds gusting to 40 or 50. there's been tree damage in that region. we watched the whole line. it was very bad up through pennsylvania and new york state, about 400 reports of wind damage up there. what i want you to see as this goes in motion, notice how the first part of this line is weakening out and moving. we get a little break except for our activity here and there's another batch coming through west virginia. we get in closer on this. this will probably also weaken out and cross our area in the overnight hours. we'll keep scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast overnight. the severe thunderstorm watch has been whittled down to a few counties including prince george's county, anne arundel and up into baltimore city and harford. i bet that's going to get dropped. overnight because of the batch coming out of west virginia another chance for scattered storms, warm and humid overnight, 79 degrees. tomorrow won't be as hot as today, but showers and storms are still expected in the afternoon and we'll kee
in washington. you are 75 degrees. gaithersburg now, 66 degrees. win chester, 66 degrees. 70 in manassas and out at dulles. this is telling you half the story. our dew point temperatures, that measures the amount of water in the atmosphere, falling back in the low 60s. you will notice less humidity when you head out the door today. should be a lot of sunshine today. we are not expecting shower and/or thunderstorm activity. our frontal system is fading down into the south to the carolinas. it is out of here. we'll be in for one very nice day. the front that came through yesterday, the cold front will work back as a warm front overnight tonight and during the morning hours tomorrow. we'll get a quick warm-up. a lot of heat out to the west. st. louis i think was 107 degrees yesterday. we'll get a two-day warm-up here. tomorrow will be in the upper 90s and then in the mid-90s on friday before another cold front cools us down a little bit for the weekend. lots going on here. very active weather pattern here as we get into the next couple of days. today, a great one, 88, sunshine, abeautiful afternoon
that aus, particularly west, if you are watching out in the mountains out to the west out into win chester and martinsburg, you can see a pop- up shower or storm later today. generally here, we'll be a little quiet we are just partly sunny conditions. temperatures, cool and comfortable or at least comfortable. not bad. 73 in washington. 69 in dulles. 6 # in winchester. 75 in ocean city. partial sunshine expected this afternoon. -- 68 in winchester. it will be warm and humid with high temperatures in the upper 80s. >> i'm still in the area of enjoying it while it lasts because remember -- i remember what the 100-degree heat was like. >> yeah. >> i'm still there. i'm like this is better. >> wear -- we're in the moment right now. >> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> i'm not quite sure what happened on the roads this morning but ever since we started the show, wave hit the ground running. we had accident activity in virginia northbound along i-95. we have a portion of beach drive blocked off between broad branch and joyce due to flooding. the outer loop gridlo
they are and there is some more to the north- northwest and win chester, this is south of you and -- south of you and this larger complex out of pennsylvania here, parts have moved into western immediate and -- western maryland for cumberland and a warning in western secs of maryland now and none of this is severe and producing wind damage, even though the primary threat of the showers and thunderstorms will be from hail and wind and can you see how they're traveling to the south and to the southeast and there is nothing popping up. we'll move from the northwest to the southeast and that is what our future cast shows as well and picking up the thunderstorms at 7:00 and just beginning to move into nowhere sections of frederick county and as we go to 10:00, can you see it more spotty around the region and we not in a severe risk zone but there is more humidity and some moisture in places. some of these are strong and severe and there is that pocket that overnight tonight, a little bit more can fire up and to move on through. right now, the temperature is still hot and with that next%. 96 degrees. i
in martinsburg and one chester. annapolis holding on to the heat a little bit at 78 degrees as you start your day. we are fairly comfortable with the exception of the annapolis which is in the upper 70s. nice, quiet start to your day. monday featuring sunshine for at least the first half of the day. we'll see a little bit of cloud cover this afternoon. we have some clouds off to the south and west and we'll see clouds bubble up here. high pressure off to the north and west today. it will slip off the coast and our wind will shift out of the south. as they do so, the humidity will keep up and we'll see the possibility of a couple of scattered showers and storms in the late afternoon here today. partly sunny, high temperatures about 90. look out for the potential for one or two showers or storms. winds here south and east at about five to 10. plenty of clouds tonight with showers and storms a possibility particularly early in the evening. 73 the overnight low and the forecast the next couple of days, this is -- this is just fine for the end of the month as we turn the corner into august. temperatur
comfortable over the next couple of days. 76 in washington. 74 this morning up in baltimore. 70 in win chester. 75 in ocean city. looking at our satellite-radar, here we go. here come the showers and thunderstorms. there they go. you can see them rolling through. a nice job of showing you. now, east of delaware and new jersey but we are getting a break out to the west. additional showers and storms are redeveloping and an area of low pressure will bring in the threat of aadditional rain showers and potentially some thunderstorms later today. here is your forecast. lots of clouds around today. might be a peak of sunshine but generally cloudy. # 7 so cooler than yesterday. 85 in baltimore. 87 in warrenton. -- 87 so cooler than yesterday. >> if we could only spread the rain you out to the some areas that really need it. >> no kidding. >> time to talk to lauren demarco about the situation on the roads. >> good morning. a couple of things going on right now. 301 southbound between old indian head road and frank tippett road, some debris from a fallen tree blocks the right lane. this is north of bra
department with 57 in washington. 69 in fredericksburg. 07 in one chester. ocean city, you are getting a few showers. 77degrees for you. looking at the clouds along the lower eastern shore develop overnight. you can see the shower activity currently pushing off for the north and east. the rest of us if you are west across the bay, it will be a warm day, a humid day. we'll see the clouds start to billow again by late morning. so be ready for the possibility. not going to rain all day but it is summertime so we have the possibility of afternoon storms. 86. that is t a relatively cool afternoon for us. 86 in waldorf. >> time to say good morning to julie wright to see if we have a decent day on the roads. >> oh, my gosh. now, you have to predict future. well, so far, so good. i'm he anxious to hear back from people who were able to take the 295 ramp yesterday afternoon to the 11th street bridge taking you over to 695 and 395. that ramp was opened yesterday morning after our morning commute. i'm anxious to hear from you. hit me up on twitter. southbound 270 looks good. no problems to report leavi
have maurice hirt that has to play left guard. will montgomery back off injury at center. chris chester is the only guy so far that hasn't had any issues at right guard. not exactly the way mike shanahan and company drew it up at day one and here we are only at day five. next hour, the rapper from d.c. will join us to talk about all things d.c. and his love for the burgundy and gold and that is why i'm wearing this -- what do you call these things? >> i don't know. >> bracelets. >> they are very cool t says ambition? >> i just find at. amazing that already five days into camp, we are already having offensive line issues for like the 10th year in a row. that is amazing to me. >> the bad man speaks. >> i'm just pointing out the facts. just the facts just like kmart and that snake popped up in that video. that is a fact. >> correct those problems. >> oh, my gosh. thank you, dave. >> thank you. >>> coming up next on fox 5 morning news, some say it is election year exaggeration. >> others fear it is a very real threat. a battle brewing on the hill over military budget cuts that could potenti
of charles town on 340 between charles town to virginia and berryville and even toward the win chester area where we're seeing the heavier showers. in southern maryland look at this. in southern charles county coming through king george, slow spots this morning. a muggy morning. 75 from easton and washington. tad cooler out toward cumberland and winchester with 70. a north, northeast wind at 9 and humidity way up at 82%. we'll watch the showers and storms diminish and really drift south, even by noon, maybe southern maryland, fredricksburg toward newland and reedville could see showers and storms. our weather watchers didn't see that much but they also had their triple digits over the weekend. we have showers tonight and tomorrow morning mainly south of d.c. then tomorrow we're going to be partly sunny with isolated storms well north and well south of town the way it looks, at least through lunch time. so today got the yellow alert. definitely going to slow you down this morning with the showers and storms but the sun mixes in later this afternoon. 87 for the high. 60s and 70s tonight with
'll be in the mid-80s in town. still 78 in win chester. notice the radar look is pretty dry here with just some isolated storms well north and west this afternoon. back to you. >> thank you, howard. >>> if you put your all in when it comes to the nationals. if you're really on the band wagon, you can plan on the first two games of the world series being right here in washington. >> that's thanks to a shutout in the all-star game. kristen berset has highlights in your morning sports. >>> good morning, everybody. major league baseball's all- star game isn't just about seeing which league is better than the other. it's not just about seeing the biggest and brightest stars in the game even though those both are great but the winning side gets home field advantage in the world series. the festivities taking place at kaufman stadium in kansas city. bryce harper and stephen strasburg both making their first appearance. justin verlander got the start for the american league and got roughed up. he didn't get any help on defense. derek jeter throws it in the dirt. five runs came to plate in the 1st. yike
's decision. >>> three anti-depressants in her system when she committed suicide in may. the west chester county medical examiner says 52-year-old mary kennedy had those drugs in her system when she hanged herself at the family's estate in bedford new york. no alcohol was present. kennedy had problems with alcohol in the past and had been arrested twice on dui charges. robert kennedy jr. filed for divorce in 2010. the couple had four children together. >>> new jersey governor and potential mitt romney running mate chris christie isn't commenting on a video that shows him in a heated exchange on the jersey shore. it shows him yelling at a man on the boardwalk after someone criticized his education policy and kept walking. >> you're a real big shot shooting your mouth off. >> keep walking, keep walking. >> christie recently signed legislation to expand public funding for a charter school. critics wanted the money to go to struggling public schools. >>> the florida lifeguard who was fired for leaving his post to save man's life will be honored for his heroic actions. the city of hallen detai
. >> you don't have to be the villain today, the bad guy. >> 73 in baltimore. 66 in one chester. our humidity has fallen off overnight. there is your satellite-radar. check out your cold front that came through late yesterday and during the evening hours. we have cleared out overnight. expecting bright sunshine all day long. i don't think you will see more than just a few clouds and no showers or thunderstorms in the forecast today. today will be pick of the week with temperatures only in the mid- to upper 80s. we'll go 88 in washington. let's see. 58 in centreville and 86 in gaithersburg. -- 85 in centreville. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> good morning. making your trip around town, you will find that your lanes are open as you con to make your trip southbound along 270 working your way south of 109 to the scale. right here in germantown, no problems to report south of 118. no problems reported in rockville headed out towards the split. lanes are open out to the west along 66 coming in in centreville headed in towards the beltwa
. the chester street hit man took the mound. >> reporter: he was in the house. that's why the oriels won. i understand from the people there and including wjz video grapher joe smith, it was a moment in time. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: we'll bring you the story tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. >> that's out of sight. >>> it's in the mid 70s right now. it looks prettier than it feels. it's stuffy out there right now. let's take a look real quick at first warning doppler then do the official welcome ron to the show. we have shower activity out to the west. our watch, warning and advisory graphic shows the heat advisory this afternoon. it's only going to feel today like 101 as opposed to yesterday. we have a frontal boundary moving our way with thunderstorms later on. there's the official high of 95. here's the official good morning ron. what's going on, pal? >> reporter: i understand the coach spent several minutes warming up on the sideline before he actually threw the first pitch. >> as he should. >> reporter: we're live at the inner harbor this morning. check out behind me, this is
. today, the winds will not be quite as refreshing. win chester, 2. and you folks down towards stanton and harrisonburg, a better chance for thunderstorms in and around town our chances are fairly low for rain today. here's your sunday planner. warm and muggy this morning. sizzling hot again this afternoon. many spots within a degree or two of 100 degrees again this afternoon with very few chances for showers coming unlater on today. no rain around the area just yet. there are some thunder showers headed down to the hampton roads area of southeastern virginia. the next cluster back out across west virginia and eastern kentucky. the bulk of that is going to stay down to the south. if you're traveling today, lynchburg, southside, virginia, better rain chances down there. the little boundary generating all the rain chances is down to the south. at the pace they're going they'll be making it out to the coastline in 11 to 12 hours from now. for us, the satellite picture shows the thunderstorms rolling down through the richmond area and now we're waiting for the cluster to go down to the sou
chester. >> i want to ask about the impact on the family of your father's battle with huntington's, eventually your mother began an effort to eradicate huntington's. >> yes. when my dad died, they held a concert at carnegie hall. that was the concert that bob dylan came out of retirement. he had been in a motorcycle accident and came out of retirement and says, "i got to do this." the band was there and bob dylan and a whole bunch of other people. my brother was just ready now. he must have been like 20 or something at the time. at that point, my mother -- she was an incredible woman. she deserves a network television show just to talk about her. she kind of put her foot down and gather as all around the table. i was 21. the day after i turned 21, she said to us, "are you all ok? you're 21 now, can you take your? yourselves" we all said, "yes, mom, what is up?" she says, "i have to go find a cure for huntington's disease." she couldn't add in "the new york times" the next day. one person called. they met for tea. they put the ad in again and three people called. long story short,
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